Damar Kaminski Funeral Homes & Crematorium

Visitation and Crematorium are in the same place.

Note: Prices may change without notice!!


  • $2275 ALL 7 DAYS

Visit our website: www.kaminskifamilyfuneralhomes.com

  • 7861 South 88th Avenue
  • Justice, Illinois-60458, USA.
  • Phone: 1-708-496-0200


  • 120 People – Seating
  • 300 People – Standing

Includes Use of Rental Casket with Cremation Insert.

Transfer of Deceased Body from Place of Death included at No Additional Charge within 50 Miles. Additional Miles are $1.75

The Following is Also Part of the Package.

  • Chapel for 3 hours included.
  • Extra room available at no charge for use during Pooja.
  • Facility and professional help available for “Preparation of the Deceased Body” (Washing & Dressing) Prior to Visitation and/or Pooja Ceremony
  • Morgue is available to preserve the deceased body until the cremation.
  • Partition glass available on furnace for viewing of cremation.
  • Chapel is heated during Winters & Air Conditioned during summers.
  • Podium, PA system included in the Package at no additional charge. TV/DVD is not available at this location.
  • There is Parking facility for 125 Cars.
  • Additional parking available with no “Valet Facility”
  • One hundred “Memorial Cards” can be purchased for the price of $45.00.
  • “Registration Book” can be purchased for the price of $45.00.
  • Five Copies of “Death Certificate” Included and additional copies as needed according to the Counties Cook and DuPage County $4 and will county $6
  • No “Preservation of URN” and remains is available for extended period of time. You have to pick up Ashes if required for Antyesthi, after 24 hours or by arrangement from family.

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