Cremation Checklist

A Checklist When Death Occurs

You and your family must make many decisions and gather numerous facts and documents when a death occurs. We realize this is a very difficult time and want you to know we are here to help. Following is some information we hope you find helpful as you take care of your loved one’s final arrangements.

When a person is Pronounced Dead by the Doctor/ Certified allied health person / Coroner / Medical Examiner, the family needs to contact the funeral home of their choice.

Asian Cremation USA has a website WWW.ASIANCREMATIONUSA.ORG and informative companion resource book for this purpose.

One may directly contact one of our Volunteers who will guide your family through the selection process.

  1. Funeral Home & Crematorium
    B. Maharaj (Priest)
    C. Pooja Samagri (Things required for Pooja before Cremation)
    D. Florist
    E. Printing Press
    F. Photo Studio
    G. Full set of Clothing for the Deceased.
    H. Recent Photograph

    The following checklist will help you remember what information about the decedent and items will be needed when meeting with a funeral arranger. To obtain death certificates, the funeral home will assist you. A doctor or certified allied medical person / coroner / medical examiner must certify the cause of death. Some information needed to complete for states vital statistic requirements:

Full Legal Name Death Place (City/County) Death Date / Time Mother’s Maiden Name
Gender Social Security Number Place of Birth Highest education
Home Address Date of Birth Father’s Name Occupation
Phone Number Fax Number Email Address Veterans Discharge papers (DD214)

The Death Certificate
A death certificate is a legal document signed by the attending physician indicating the cause of death and other vital statistics pertaining to the decedent. If your loved one died in an accident, the county medical examiner or coroner may prepare the form. The funeral arranger can help your prepare and file the death certificate with the state and assist you with purchasing certified copies. Certified copies are needed to apply for benefits due the family, to sell or transfer ownership of property, to gain access to safety deposit boxes from the county or state agency responsible for vital statistics. In obtaining the signed death certificate within the required time frame ask the service person, if you can assist.

Determine who should be notified of death.

Make a list of family members, close friends, employer or business colleagues, or anyone you believe should be notified or may want to attend the service. Notify each by phone or email. Prepare a list of out of area people to be notified by email, letter or printed notice and decide which to send to each.

If a family member is traveling from other state or country and needs to book a flight, provide a copy of death certificate to that family member, so that they may be able to receive a special discounted fare called “Compassion (BEREAVEMENT) fares” which may be available with some airlines. This helps in savings while making reservations for travel.

Airlines require the following information at the time of purchase of Compassion Fare

  • Name of the relative
  • Relationship to the customer
  • Name, address and telephone number of funeral home, hospice, or hospital,
  • Name of doctor (if applicable)
The deceased or hospitalized family member must be one of the following to the traveler:
·         adopted ward

·         aunt

·         brother

·         brother-in-law


·         daughter

·         daughter-in-law


·         domestic partner

·         father

·         father-in-law

·         foster brother

·         foster daughter

·         foster father

·         foster mother

·         foster sister

·         foster son

·         granddaughter

·         grandfather


·         grandmother

·         grandson


·         half-brother

·         half-sister

·         husband

·         legal guardian

·         mother

·         mother-in-law

·         nephew

·         niece

·         sister

·         sister-in-law

·         son


·         son-in-law

·         step-brother


·         step-daughter

·         step-father

·         step-mother

·         step-sister

·         step-son

·         uncle

·         wife

Family members who do not possess the required documentation at the time of travel or who become aware of the applicable compassion fare after completion of eligible travel may apply to receive a refund for the difference between the purchased fare and the applicable compassion fare.

To apply for an after travel bereavement refund, mail in the following information:

  • boarding passes
  • copy of ticket
  • copy of death certificate or hospital bill
  • Name, address and telephone number of funeral home or name, address and telephone number of attending physician on the physician’s letterhead along with a return address.
  • Also consider time constraints of having the services. Laws require a minimum of 24 hours pass between time of death and cremation. The required paperwork may take longer then this time period. Consult with your service person or funeral director regarding the appropriate time frame.