Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium

Visitation (Chapel) and Crematorium are in the same place. 

Note: Prices may change without notice!!


  • $3395 Monday to Friday
  • $3395 Saturday & Sunday
  • $4295 Holidays

Visit our website:

  • 9568 Belmont Avenue
  • Franklin Park, Illinois-60131, USA
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Please contact only the serving person listed

Serviced by:

Stephen Dawson

W. Sean Sweetman, Timothy Dawson


  • 195 People Seating
  • 225 People Standing

Basic Cremation Casket is Included in the Asian Cremation USA Package.

Transfer of the Deceased Body from Place of Death included at No additional charge within 25 Miles Radius. Additional Miles $2.75 per extra mile.

  • Pooja/pre-cremation visitation facility can accommodate 195 people.
  • Kitchen, Extra room is available at No Charge for use during funeral.
  • Facility and professional help is available for “Preparation of the Deceased Body” (Washing & Dressing) Prior to Visitation and/or Pooja Ceremony
  • Partition clear glass is NOT available on furnace for viewing of cremation.
  • Chapel is heated during winters and has Air Conditioning during summer.
  • Complimentary Podium included in the package.
  • Audio/visual system, TV monitor/slide projector, CD/DVD player are all available for use in chapel at NO charge.
  • There is parking facility for 20 cars along the roads within the facility. Valet parking is NOT available.
  • Additional off-site car parking is available for 100 cars.
  • Register Book is available for $35. Electronic registration book is NOT available.
  • Preservation of remains (packed in container/urn) is available at the cost of $195/6 months, $390/12 months.